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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Coeur Blonde Newspaper

One of the new things in my life is the 'Coeur Blonde Newspaper'. Together with Elle I started a mini creative summer of '12 project to spread happiness and a positive flow. The paper consists of 16 pages (tabloidsize)full of articles about the following themes: ☼ green ☼ hotspots ☼ DIY ☼ fashion ☼ body & soul ☼ food ☼ Madrid ☼ shopping ☼ collections ☼ lifestyle ☼ passions ☼ love ☼   

It was an amazing challenge to create the newspaper from scratch. Almost all the images are photo's we took during our trips and everything that's in the newspaper has got a personal touch. From the shop where we just love to buy olive oil to the secret little studio where we love to stay in Paris. We're especially proud of the lay out of the paper and the 'Collection' page which consist of collections we made out of objects.

We made a digital booklet as a sneak preview. It's in Dutch but the lay out gives you a hint of the look & feel of the paper. We're zo glad we started and finished the creative process (we had some software setbacks;-). Now is the time to market the paper and have got to say, the first week went above expectations. The reactions are really cute and are giving us a wonderful boost. It's amazing to share the things that make you happy in life with others and we hope that it brings joy to other people.

Just have a look! If you wish to order a paper, just send us an e-mail: coeurblondepaper@gmail.com.


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