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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Had a lovely drive from Johannesburg to Graskop in a huge rental car nicknamed 'Biggy', inspired by Notorious B.I.G. In a 5 hour drive I got a rap recap by H and I especially loved the women friendly lyrics by 'Biggy'... 

Graskop? Indeed, it really does exist. A small village nearby Kruger park totally into pancakes... (Lonneke: eat your heart out;) Seriously, 1 out of 3 restaurants have the 'p' word in their company name. Have got to confess (entre nous) that my dessert was a creme caramel... It was (surprisingly?!) not a success.
A selection of the Hipstamatics I took along the day:

the South African sky during the drive

some lovely trees

especially for my mother: Nelly

hotelroom nr 5@Graskop hotel: decorated by a local artist (1)


first of the two bottles of South African Sauvignon Blanc (Laura: we've got a new land to explore!)

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