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Friday, 11 May 2012

A strong urge to create

This post reflects the process of the Coeur Blonde Newspaper. Elle & I had a dream, wish and strong urge to create something. Amidst the social media overload we were longing for something tangible. Something to put in our love, creations and ideas and to share this with other people. It became an old fashioned medium: a newspaper. It was quite a process to take this step. Would there be people who would like (and even buy!) this newspaper? Or was it just a figment of our imagination? We soon decided to put this last thing aside: it would only slow down the flow we were in. And there was no commercial aim for the idea so it wouldn't really matter, although we were and are so hoping we can inspire people with the paper. And make them smile. Now, three months later, we're finishing the paper tomorrow! The most exciting thing is to come: the publishing. We so hope the colours will be as lovely on print as on the computer!

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