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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hermanus: a thrillseeking experience

Hermanus: the place to be for Whale watching! Although they're huge I find them cute so I really was looking forward to meet and greet some whales. Unfortunately cosmos decided otherwise. They had just left Hermanus. A bit of a trauma but soit. A good reason to visit South Africa for a second time. Instead I decided to go paragliding which wasn't extremely successful because I puked on the "three time" paragliding world champion. IN THE AIR so that was quite exciting after all! My thrill seeking visit to Hermanus ended with a visit to the local country market. It reminded me of the Sunday Market back home in Amsterdam. They had market stalls with lovely local products: sausages from a happy pig farm (I don't really like sausages but the "sage red onion" sausage was absolutely magical), delicious curry pies, sweet tarts with milk custard (I tried one and it was heavenly), a stall with Creation wines (so happy that the Sauvignon Blanc was as delicious as the day before). But what I liked most was the conversation we had with an old couple from Hermanus. We joined them on the picknick table and it was really touching to just sit down with them and have a talk.