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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hip and Happening at 'The old biscuit mill'

Had a very enjoyable final day at Capetown. We took a taxi towards 'The old biscuit mill' just outside the citycentre of Capetown. Each saturday there's the so called 'Neighbourhoodmarket' with lovely food, drinks and handmade products. There really is a buzz around the market and the 'hip & happening of Capetown' seem to have centered around the mill. Even started to recognize some people of Bree street. Really funny to notice. I really enjoy observing people and this market was absolutely the place to be. We even encountered the paragliding team of Hermanus (was glad 'my' paraglidingpartner wasn't there by the way:). Unfortunately we ran out of cash so couldn't try all the delicious things but we really enjoyed the pizza below and we toasted on a wonderful holiday with some lovely bubbles: our final Rand spent well! 


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